UK Column News - 7th July 2016

Brian Gerrish and Patrick Henningsen are joined by Mark Anderson for today's UK Column News, including:

START    ukcolumn apologises to Iraqis on behalf of the United Kingdom
4:49    archvillain & insane serial killer - Anthony Charles Lynton Blair
6:57    quotes from the corpse-king himself & fake portrayals of remorse
11:42    deafening silence over the elephant in the room, Dr. David Kelly
14:25    a dossier, suicide, lies : what it takes to orchestrate an unjust war
17:38    scuds & yellow cake uranium - real CIA agent outed for revenge
22:24    the Blair-Murdoch collaboration talks in the run up to the War
25:12    Lord Butler & exaggerations of a PM who believed his own lies
28:31    the Hard Realities of U.S. Aid to Israel - journalist Alison Weir
34:15    presidential candidate the absolute psychopath Hillary Clinton
37:53    the Zionist power-configuration that drives U.S. foreign policy
39:27    Lord Goldsmith & the secret legal advice for sociopathic Blair
43:41    war justified via absurdist infographic ‘Winnebagos of Death’
49:28    systematic fabrications of evidence from the mandarins of evil
51:02    & ‘that’s why these people have got to live in their own reality.’