UK Column News - 7th January 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with the first UKC news of the year ...

Artwork by Ned.

START – Speechless...Brexit defeat in the Commons…?
Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP breaks ranks to complain about EU military union
MPs must be supported by members of the public
03:56 – Integrity Initiative: another release of information
SGMI: who is the Specialist Group Military Intelligence…?
Privatisation of the military underway…?
Christopher Donnelly and Soros: recipients of Order of Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas
Strongpoint Security: writing articles in the government’s favour
11:23 – Cyber Security (GCHQ): Girls Competition 2019 online round opens
Many cars parked at GCHQ carrying US and EU license plates…
14:08 – NHS: to be transformed again (privatisation by the back door)
Simon Stevens told to transform the NHS and keep it out of the headlines…
Lucy Reynolds: Health Policy Progress Group – NHS used to be good
In 1979 NHS administration cost 3.5-5% of 2018 the figure is closer to 25%
Hospitals now profit-making – medical insurance is no guarantee of cover
Treasury (taxpayer) to take over PFI – hospitals then free to be sold to private sector…
Simon Stevens’ background: United Health – the fox takes charge of the hen house
25:14 – China on the Moon: Russia’s Roscosmos congratulates the mission
UK’s space industry has been put on hold…
Book recommendation: The EU – a Corporatist Racket by David Barmby
China’s Xi: World facing a period of major changes never seen in a century
31:15 – War: UK’s hope of Indo-Pacific strike group with France is premature
EU military unification is ongoing behind the scenes – not just UK and France
34:14 – Prince Harry takes on the Russian military
36:31 – Good news: Gary Streeter MP gets a knighthood…
What has Gary Streeter achieved…? Why has he been knighted…?
Melanie Shaw: child abuse survivor due to be sentenced soon