UK Column News - 7th February 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

START – US President Trump acquitted in ‘impeachment’ trial
Backfire: where does this leave the US democrat party…?
US Presidential first primary in the state of Iowa: chaos after voting app ‘issues’…
Sanders wins the primary after Buttigieg declares himself the winner three days ago
Buttigieg seems to have paid app developer Shadow Inc…
Shadow Inc: who else has funded them…? Huge conflicts of interest appear…
Election meddling and election interference via political ‘news’ outlets
No evidence of Russian meddling but plenty of evidence of democrat meddling
Tulsi Gabbard suffers from classic media control: no coverage of her allowed
17:07 – Populism becomes popular: Teflon Tony’s institute panics
Teflon Tone: left-wing populism is as bad as right-wing populism
Globalists do not trust the people to make the right choices…
21:20 – OPCW statement on Douma attack report whistleblowers: not credible
OPCW: secrecy agreement remains in effect even after leaving the organisation
But whistleblowers cannot be outlawed by definition
Piers Robinson attacked by MainStream Media but counters with facts
OPCW are not transparent – they had plenty of opportunities to talk to the public
27:54 – Was US wrong about attack that nearly started a war with Iran…?
A closer look at fake US ‘intelligence’
Anyone with a flag or wearing an armband can be labelled as ‘ISIS’ if required…
Iraq still calling for US troops to leave the country
33:58 – Good news: UK ambassador to UN Karen Pierce now ambassador to USA
Is this a promotion or a demotion…?