UK Column News - 7th August 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – 85 days until Brexit…snap general election on the way…?
Boris playing a three-way game of chicken 
Robin Tilbrook court case still ongoing: was the law broken to extend Brexit date…?
A general election gives plenty of opportunity for the public to get involved
Brexit party: do they want to help or hinder the Brexit process…?
Anti ‘no deal’ rhetoric grows – Global Britain continues to move forward
US-UK trade deal prospects high as Brussels relationship tensions continue
Dominic Raab also met Canada’s representatives: defending ‘shared values’
10:39 – US election meddling 2019: Tulsi Gabbard hit by MainStream Media
Twitter search: top search result links Gabbard to KKK…
After complaints Twitter changes search result: Russia now backs Gabbard 
Fake news Bellingcat (Eliot Higgins) also smears Tulsi Gabbard
Clear political smearing and censorship is going on with social media
Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google for $50 million – it’s not Russian meddling…
19:24 – Alternative View 10.1 conference: 27 October – Kensington, London
19.36 – Tanker crisis: Russia and Iran to face western navies in the Gulf
Fake news: the date of the original story was April 30th 2019…
More propaganda: RAF intercepts Russian planes…in international airspace
25:03 – Facebook is investing £4.5 million in local news – what could go wrong…?
Who’s running this project…? Nick Wrenn: previously BBC, Reuters and CNN…
27:58 – El Paso shooter: right wing…?
Shooter’s manifesto published on Instagram but not published by shooter
US left wing politicians: President Trump ‘inciting and promoting racism’
Dog-whistle politics makes US more dangerous: politicians capitalising on division
Dayton shooting: left wing fan of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren
Modern journalism = reading the Twittersphere and social media…
Right versus left: classic divide and conquer tactics being used by infiltrators
On the same day: at least 42 people shot in Chicago – why no MSM coverage…?
The trigger…? One week before – a symposium on the border wall in El Paso
Are the MainStream Media busy trying to create a US civil war…?
45:30 – Conspiracy theories like QAnon could fuel ‘extremist’ violence, FBI says
The public must consider how to react when MSM publishes negative rhetoric  
FBI created the biggest conspiracy theory: Russia conspiring with Trump campaign
47:19 – RUSI-FES British-German Dialogue on Defence and Security 2019
The main focus: European Defence Union
Jeremy Wimble: EU states should look to form a joint command structure…
Wimble: US can no longer be regarded as a ‘reliable partner’