UK Column News - 7th August 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Mark Anderson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Melanie Shaw update: the lie of British justice
Child abuse whistleblower still locked up to silence her evidence
Public now being denied access to many UK courts…
Amnesty International under the microscope: have they been bought…?
Amnesty Media Team today promised a formal response on Melanie Shaw
06:40 – Internet censorship: moving ahead rapidly…
Facebook, Twitter, Google (YouTube), Apple working in tandem to silence dissent
Government censorship: what is the definition of an ‘extremist’…?
Governments very afraid at the speed of Internet information transfer
This is a worldwide phenomenon – free speech is under attack
The privatisation of free speech: corporations working with government = fascism
Facebook: users being deliberately driven away in fear of data collection
17:37 – Fresh Start Foundation update: Police Scotland visit Orkney event…
BBC Radio Orkney – impartial news reporting: event poster put on Facebook page
Next morning event poster had been taken down…comments were censored
22:07 – 5G talk: 11 August - Civic Hall, Totnes
22:35 – Novichok 2 the sequel: UK asks OPCW for extension of technical help
Nothing about the incident stacks up: misinformation and disinformation
24:31 – Donald Trump criticises Bankers’ policies
MainStream Media reminds Trump: ‘Thou shalt not criticise the Federal Reserve’
Bank of England works in exactly the same way…
28:13 – Is Nestlė plundering the groundwater of Michigan…?
16 million gallons per month planned to be extracted for $200 per year
Bottled water then sells for between $1-2 per 15oz (440ml) bottle
Government and corporations working together again…against the people
36:04 – US event: Erasing the Liberty – 8 September, San Antonio, Texas
38:40 – Syria: terrorists in Idlib clash over fears of Syrian Army offensive
40:16 – Belfast airport terrorism fear: common sense overtaken by Project Fear…
Exeter airport confrontation: ‘where are you going…?’
43:18 – Smart Cities: city region partners approve deal documentation
Economic growth explained as reasoning behind decentralisation of power
This is a global policy – decentralised cities to be outside government control…
UK Column article: Global Parliament of Mayors and the abolition of the electorate