UK Column News - 6th September 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Britain is now at war with Russia…
Treason May outlines the perpetrators...Craig Murray asks questions
May: novichok ‘found in their hotel room’ but perps not affected…
MainStream Media failed to report on hotel closure and decontamination…
Novichok applied to door handles...Russia has no knowledge of perps
British public taking a close interest and pointing out anomalies in the story
Daily Mail: Britain launches cyber warfare on Russia…
Who are Mail ‘reporters’ Rod Ardehali, Martin Robinson & Richard Spillett…?
Russian Embassy hits back with pertinent information
20:24 – Israel arming ‘good’ terrorists…? Article quickly removed from media
Wall Street Journal: Israel gives secret aid to Syrian ‘rebels’
22:38 – Ian R Crane: Humanity vs. Insanity & Fracking Nightmare tonight
23:41 – Melanie Shaw court case update: declared ‘unfit to plead’
Wall of silence from Treason May’s IICSA child abuse inquiry…
HMP Styal Prison Governor (where Melanie Shaw is held) has been suspended
30:47 – Matthew Hancock (AI Bot): Lord Prior named as new NHS Chairman…
34:22 – Suicide at same hospital where previous surgeon branded patient’s organ
36:02 – Tree felling: Rod Stewart’s oak tree to be cut