UK Column News - 6th October 2015

Figures indicate the number of minutes into the broadcast at which the item in question commences.


Mike West (Twitter: @bastionradio ) co-presents with Mike Robinson.

1’]    Why is David Cameron already reportedly bored of his job and leaving it to others to do?
Discussion of his eighteen (!) touted possible successors.

3’]    Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has been urged at the Conservative Party Conference not to outlaw free speech.

4’]    May is now saying there is “no case” for mass immigration, which her own government has enabled for the past few years. Robinson thinks the message is: job done, a cohesive society is now (as intended) impossible and now the rhetoric can be cranked up to divide and rule those already in Britain.

6’]    The Home Office’s own senior civil servant (Daily Telegraph: “drugs adviser”, but he is a career mandarin) Nigel Voden has been arrested in a crack cocaine raid.

7’]    Ian Crane is away covering the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.
The Manchester Evening News reports police snipers on the roofs of buildings surrounding the conference venue, and the ludicrous police claim that they are there with rifles “purely for observation”, using the rifles’ powerful sights only because they are much stronger than binoculars.
Robinson asks whether the scopes could not have been removed from the weapons if this were really so.

8’]    Peaceful protests are now being branded “sexist abuse of female ministers”.

9’]    West describes these complaints as self-justification by the Tories for the unprecedented ring of steel and snipers protecting their party conference.

10’]    The press conference that was supposed to laud the successful conclusion of negotiations on TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (free trade mega-bloc), was postponed from Sunday to Monday. The deal has therefore been done, but governments across the Pacific still have to have their signatures ratified by national parliaments.

11’]    Robinson shows on screen and reads out the ministerial statement on the signing of the TPP agreement. He points out that it means the opposite of what it says: the effect will be destruction of prosperity and transparency.

13’]    The three trade agreements of which TPP is one (more tomorrow) are the cornerstone of global dictatorship.

14’]    A huge NATO exercise is under way, the largest in 13 years. The Sunderland Echo reports the local connection: Sunderland has adopted a Royal Navy warship involved in the exercise.
Meanwhile, Royal Marines in Merlin helicopters are training in Nevada. (Why is a branch of the Navy on exercises in the desert? Has this something to do with a future Middle Eastern deployment?)

16’]    Last week the Western Morning News reported, “Royal Navy ‘invade’ Cornish beach ahead of NATO deployment exercise”.

17’]    West pieces together the evidence that the United States is preparing to invade Iran, using the UK military trainers and the Saudi military as a proxy force.

18’]    Sputnik (the TASS website for Russian news) carries the opinion piece, “The West fears Russia’s success in Syria — not its failure”.
West and Robinson entirely agree with that assessment and comment on it.

20’]    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is reportedly “greatly concerned” by Russian military action against ISIS in Syria and wants urgent “deconfliction”. Robinson says, “What’s going on here is that the West intends to get involved in Syria as well, and of course the chances of some ‘accident’ happening between Western-backed forces and Russian forces, if the West gets involved in Syria, go through the roof.”
Robinson says that the West is not going to regain control on the ground in Syria and is now scrambling to get air cover to protect its favoured terrorists.

21’]    West says Kerry has the appearance of “a typical American gameshow host”.
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has told a press conference that Russian incursion into Turkish airspace “doesn’t look like an accident”. Robinson agrees: the Russians “were pressing buttons to see what would happen”.

22’]    The “sheer hypocrisy” of NATO in Afghanistan is seen by the confirmation that it was after all the U.S. that bombed a Medecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) hospital there.

23’]    West thinks that the details of the operation released in the press make the conclusion inevitable that the hospital was deliberately bombed a second time after the aircraft circled for reconnaissance.

24’]    West thinks the U.S. “War on Terror rhetoric is falling to pieces” and that the U.S. leadership is left “desperate”.

25’]    Russia is reportedly deploying Spetsnaz units on the ground to flush out what West calls “American-backed ISIS”.

26’]    CNN has posted “ISIS training video revealed” on its YouTube channel. This very brief CNN report.

27’]    A still frame from the beginning of the video shows an “ISIS” tent with “US” clearly visible on it.

Another still shows the high-bridged sight of an M16 rifle barrel poking into the shot of the “ISIS training video”. The battle fatigues and even T-shirts and caps shown in the frame are unmistakably American.

28’]    Robinson asks whether CNN thinks its viewers are so stupid that they will actually believe the video comes from ISIS.

West points out that the Daily Mail, known for its right-wing patriotic readership, is seeing a flood of readers’ comments underneath its anti-Putin stories that show that “people are not buying it”. This must be worrying those Westminster and Washington dedicated government units that monitor public opinion, especially that “there is more support [in the UK and U.S.] for Putin than there is for Obama and Cameron”. The Western leadership is “starting to panic”.

30’]    West and Robinson agree that it is “not all doom and gloom”, given these developments and last week’s footage of ex-soldiers from Veterans for Peace throwing their commissions, caps and medals back at Buckingham Palace.

31’]    The Evening Standard reports Edward Snowden’s claims (not new to many people) about GCHQ capabilities.

34’]    Wrapping up discussion of this, West asks, “Who is scared of whom?”, since the revelations about backdoor routes into phone chips suggest a government that fears that its people do not support it.