UK Column News - 6th November 2019

Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – General Election campaigns officially launched today
The transformation agenda continues apace…
King Mark Sedwill prevents treasury report on Labour party’s financial manifesto…?
Still total silence from all political parties on EU Defence Union
Dec 2016: Boris green light to EU army, foreign secretary won’t block EU defence integration
Earl Howe supports EU defence union
Oct 2019: Boris notes important changes made in negotiations but doesn’t elaborate
Some members of the House of Lords are starting to ask pertinent questions…
Whips are being heavily used to shutdown debate on EU Defence Union
Politicians are living in fear of asking questions in Parliament on this matter
EU Defence Union: general public must continue pressure and ask more questions of their MPs
UK Column article: EU Defence Union – What is EI2…?
The European Intervention Initiative: deliberately kept under the public’s radar
The process: National force → bi-lateral forces → multi-lateral forces → Defence Union
Brexit: if we leave the EU, we must leave with our military intact and under our control
22:45 – The Times: Green Beret is the sole survivor as Royal Marines get a modern makeover
PlymouthLive: Royal Navy and Marines in deal with allies at war with Russia…
The British government is gearing up for a war with Russia
Lockheed steps in to take control of Britain’s nukes and prevent the EU controlling them
29:25 – Scottish Charity Regulator publishes findings of inquiry into Institute for Statecraft
Foreign & Commonwealth Office to spend £100 million to counter ‘disinformation’
Institute for Statecraft offices derelict and in the process of partial demolition…
UK Column questions Institute for Statecraft’s address with Scottish Charity Regulator
Scottish Charity Regulator eventually sends vague reply with glaring omissions
F&CO declares they will pump more public money into unstable states (to make them worse…?)
UK Column article: BBC Media Action – subversion from Broadcasting House to Kazakhstan
F&CO pumps around £800,000 per month into BBC Media Action
Zaghari-Ratcliffe is still locked up in Iran: what was she doing there…?
British government hypocrisy: complaining about media freedom while Julian Assange imprisoned
British ‘charities’ are being used to subvert and propagandise other countries…
42:54 – Alternative View 10.1 conference videos now available to view
Trevor Coult Military Cross (MC) needs support in his work to help military veterans