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UK Column News - 6th November 2017

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Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen are joined by geopolitical analyst Marwa Osman for today's UK Column News, including:

00:27 – Saudi Arabia: is a coup underway…?
08:00 – Saudi Crown Prince consolidating power
12:05 – Saudi power-sharing collapse = civil war
15:51 – Analysis: Western public must speak out against arms sales
18:15 – Iraq: Conference for International dialogue on terrorism
20:05 – Western media muted on terrorism issue and causes
23:12 – Iraq: People’s Mobilization Units (PMU)
27:23 – CFR: How ISIS is or policy…?
30:26 – Save the Children: Pneumonia vaccination for Syria
33:26 – Last batch of Syrian vaccines killed many…
34:30 – Damian Green: Police wait nine years to investigate
37:35 – Treason May: Child abuse unimportant...knees are sacrosanct
39:13 – The Paradise Papers: Global taxation fake news