UK Column News - 6th May 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START - 43rd day of house arrest in the UK…CoronaVirus statistics update
Government ‘scientist’ Neil Ferguson resigns after breaking lockdown rules…
The Times tries to defend him ignoring his own advice: does he believe his rules…?
Another look at non-lockdown area death rates versus lockdown areas
UK Column viewer receives email from Neil Ferguson
Ferguson is relying on computer models rather than reality…
MainStream Media ignores large discrepancies in ONS CoronaVirus figures
Neil Ferguson: has he really resigned…?
Mirror: Matt Hancock shamelessly fiddled figures to reach CoronaVirus test targets
Matt Hancock: malfeasance in public office resulting in thousands of deaths…?
Kate Hoey: is it becoming automatic for CV as contributing to be put on death certs…?
Douglas Carswell: the big fall in infection rate happened BEFORE compulsory lockdown
Will parliament discuss these lies that have caused people to die…?
Mail: Dominic Cummings ‘intervened at SAGE meeting to push experts to back lockdown’
Still no discussion in parliament – backbench MPs are completely in the dark on the facts
SAGE: some members remain a secret to the public yet they have the UK locked up…
Why the British public needs to know every name on SAGE
Chief Scientific Advisor, Dept. for International Development: meet Charlotte Watts
Watts ties lead straight back to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation…
SAGE: political interference not independence…is their advice really impartial…?
Who is really running the British government…?
28:15 – Europe: Austrian Freedom Party’s harsh criticism of government policy
Austrian Freedom Party: stop making this exceptional situation permanent
Italian veteran MP Vittorio Sgarbi: using deaths for rhetoric is terrorism
USA: Dallas salon owner sentenced to seven days in jail, ordered to pay fines
Dallas salon owner: feeding my children is not selfish…
36:03 – Alternative View 11 livestream tickets available from UK Column website
37:52 – NHS social distancing App now being piloted on the Isle of Wight
Authors of the App hold a master key for indentifying users…
Guido Fawkes: NHS App rebuttal and response
GCHQ granted access to NHS data as privacy concerns increase
GCHQ works closely together with Israeli military intelligence
48:09 – Guardian: UK making ‘impossible demands’ over Europol database in EU talks
Ian R. Crane is recovering well – hoping to be released soon