UK Column News - 6th March 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson will be joined by Mark Anderson for today's UK Column News.

START – European defence and security: news arriving from all sides
The big bad bogieman is still Russia…
Brookings Institute: Mark Anderson asks an awkward question 
Tobias Ellwood: we must continue to work with the EU on defence and security
Brexit – but we seem desperate to get back into the EU’s Galileo project
UK-EU future relationship negotiations begin – security and defence not listed…
NATO’s top cyber capability is located in Estonia
Ben Wallis visits the Atlantic Council in Washington DC
Ben Wallis: war is peace in the modern world…perpetual war is the new constant
1984: continuously reinventing a new bogieman as required…
A huge rise in Islamic extremism in the African Sahel: it’s just a coincidence
None of Ben Wallis’s comments have been debated in the Houses of Parliament
Who is really running UK defence and foreign policy…?
Who runs the Atlantic Council ‘think tank’…?
26:35 – Second Atlantic Council meeting: Completing Europe
Latest ‘globalese’: Great Power Competition (no surprise – the main rival is Russia)
Three Seas Initiative: cross-border security, transportation & digital infrastructure
32:50 – CoronaVirus: recovery rates expected to be high, health experts say
Recovery rates are not being publicised by the MainStream Media
Fearmongering: MSM has been hyping up the dangers to instill fear in the public
Testing regime for CoronaVirus not completely trustworthy – false positives common
Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty: 600,000 people in the UK could perish…
Misinformation: the statistics are being used incorrectly when studied carefully
No context between deaths from CV against deaths from seasonal flu and tuberculosis
Is the CoronaVirus man-made…are vaccines the answer…?
BBC CoronaVirus fest: nothing else matters…
BBC puts story from August 2019 on main page to further drive the fear factor
Rob Ryder: member of the public questions UK government vaccine policy
Diptheria and Tuberculosis death rates were already falling before vaccinations began
Why is a WHO Vaccine Safety Summit needed if vaccines are safe…?