UK Column News - 6th March 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – DEFCOM ONE: UK response to hybrid threats – ‘everything is a weapon’
Chris Donnelly (Institute for Statecraft) denies that Britain takes part in hybrid warfare
The Coop of ‘carry-on’ - Dr Robert Johnson stumbles over answering the question…
Who is Dr Robert Johnson…? How did he get into power…? Who runs the UK…?
Has a secret war been declared against Russia & others without any public oversight…?
We have a government-funded company ‘charity’ attacking the opposition
The Select Committee seemed like a group of friends chatting – nothing really revealed
British single-point military control can be easily switched to EU single-point control
If Russia (& others) are such a threat, why has the military been so underfunded…?
Russia may be preparing for war – is it any surprise…?
MPs still refuse to bring EU defence union into the political debate – whips at work…?
21:43 – USA: John Hopkins University event – Reawakening the Spirit of Democracy
President Trump dossier author Christopher Steele pulls out of appearance at the event
23:44 – European defence: Stoltenberg (NATO) meets another EU President…
Treaty between UK, Northern Ireland & EU for defence, security & intelligence cooperation
Gwithian Prince speaks to Julia Hartley-Brewer on Talk Radio: ‘a fatal concession’
Prince concentrates on Five Eyes intelligence alliance but ignores military union
EU wants single-point command and control of ALL European militaries: has no mandate
Public would never agree to handing military and intelligence assets to Brussels
Again – who are these people…who voted them into power…?
The mystery of the Bruges Group and EU defence union
Torquil Dick-Ericson article: Dangers to National Security and Individual Freedom…
Dr Lee Rotherham article: Think Tanks and Maginot Lines
EU money is buried deeply in the policy-making think tanks of this country
There is an ‘under-appreciated risk of bias’ in policy making
EU Defence Union - ‘A Silent Revolution’ and the name that is never to be used…
BG removes analysis implicating PM May in collusion with EU to deceive the Nation
Website page has been captured to show the collusion by Treason May
Bruges Group should be campaigning for Brexit – why remove the web page…?
The Deep State submarine has surfaced and is clearly visible…