UK Column News - 6th March 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Mark Anderson for today's UK Column News. 

START – Brexit: Cameron privately ‘advised’ Treason May ahead of speech…
01:58 – Brexit: UK Column article - Dispute Resolution Under CETA
06:03 – Italian elections: Bilderberg in evidence - who is Emma Bonino…?
11:51 – EU & PESCO: Foreign Affairs Council meeting
13:28 – Good News: F35B lands on a floating vessel for the first time
18:18 – British Police pay ‘substantial damages’ to an elderly couple
22:52 – Home Office exports British Policing…the global force unveiled
24:33 – Fabricating the narrative: who are Crisis Cast…?
27:40 – BBC in panic as Director General tries to rally the troops
33:25 – Facebook questionnaire ‘mistake’: more censorship by the back door
37:03 – Met Police child abuse whistleblower finishes awareness walk
41:30 – BBC Radio Manchester ignores child abuse reality
44:00 – Britain: the most corrupt nation in the World…?
45:57 – Event announcement: May 12, Albert Hall, Notts – NHS conference
47:02 – Event announcement: South by Southwest conference - Austin, Texas