UK Column News - 6th June 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and Alex Thomson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – United Nations Russian language day
01:18 – Amnesty International: Syria – “War of Annihilation”
Syrian civilians have borne the brunt of allied air strikes…
Similar parallels between Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq
08:57 – Mass migration: unaccompanied children & child trafficking
Immigrant children going missing at an alarming rate in the US
10,000 migrant children now missing in the EU
1500 children have gone missing from Delhi, India
Open borders facilitates child trafficking…
Missing children: testimonies uploaded to
19:03 – The drive for war: is Dr. Strangelove running the Pentagon…?
The message to China is loud and by the ‘rules’
The new missile arms race is underway…
US defence: brainwashing cadets for ‘change’
25:04 – 21st Century Wire article: Voices from Eastern Ghouta
Syria: manufacturing consent for war with fake videos and lies
29:02 – UK: major Rolls Royce job cuts as executives slashed
Rolls Royce promoting LGBT while the company collapses
China investing in Rolls Royce...the prize: Small Modular Reactors…
Is a Chinese take-over on the cards…? Gangs and Counter-Gangs…
34:34 – FCO concern over information: forming Counter-Disinfo unit
UK Column seeks clarity with Freedom of Information request
Head of Counter-Disinfo unit connected to intelligence services…?
38:03 – BBC Trending: details sought...answer: it’s a secret
UK Column sends Freedom of Information request to BBC
BBC Newsnight: only MainStream Media journalists know the truth…
Who is Janine di Giovanni…? Her Wiki page edited by Philip Cross (again)
46:30 – The Hofschröer case: update
48:32 – Plymouth widow facing second fraudulent eviction