UK Column News - 6th July 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus could lead to 35,000 extra cancer deaths
CV didn’t stop cancer treatments – it was due to the government’s response
Peter Hitchens: we’ve all turned from normal humans into muzzled masochists
Hitchens: the political cleansing of our schools and universities continues ferociously
Stasi state: people now informing on others to the police
Scotland: Devi Sridhar tweets herself into more trouble
Scots ordered to wear face coverings in ALL shops from July 10 and face £60 fine
The minutiae of your life is now dictated by the state…
LNL meetings debate 2020: Corona – the role of science in times of crisis
CoronaVirus response is not being led by science, it is being led by politicised science
Science is broken leading society into disaster – many scientists speak out but are silenced
Experts silenced: shades of the climate change agenda…?
Poynter: a leader of thoughts…fighting the infodemic – the CoronaVirusFacts Alliance
Behind Poynter: who are the Shuttleworth Foundation…?
BBC: CoronaVirus lockdown – eight ways the lockdown has changed the UK
BBC deceives the public on Covid-19 death statistics
Off Guardian comment from Catte Black
30:16 – Friends of Ian R. Crane fundraiser up and running…and climbing
32:35 – Actress behind BLM protest in Whitehall disowns ‘Marxist’ Black Lives Matter
BBC tells staff not to wear Black Lives Matter badges on air
BBC doesn’t get modern culture: ‘Karen’ totally misunderstood by them
Labour party’s Kier Starmer goes all-out for positive discrimination…
US President Trump speaks out against the far left at Mount Rushmore
President Trump speaks to spiritual nature of conflict: we only kneel to Almighty God
42:26 – The Times: army ‘to be cut by 20,000’ if No.10 plan is approved
Un-named sources being used again by the Times…
David Ellis (SDI) asks pertinent question of Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Burridge
50:55 – Technology hailed as a ‘game-changer’ will expose identities of racist trolls
Signify: the Threat Matrix tech to be used – still no definition of ‘hate’…
Enter the Organization: adapt and innovate in uncertain times
Relax, we are to be developed by ‘The Organization’