UK Column News - 6th July 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Novichok 2.0 hysteria continues…
‘Devastating Salisbury nerve agent could be put in missiles or even hand grenades...’
Chief Medical Officer: wash clothes and wipe down personal items with baby wipes
MSM asks no key questions: deadly nerve agent neutralised with baby wipes…?
Amesbury: Swindon Fire Service Tweet ‘not serious, thought to be drug related’
Daily Mail Muggles write Novichok fantasy...article is all speculation
Blatant Daily Mail analysis. Press reporting has collapsed
Continued Russia-bashing because of upcoming Trump-Putin meeting…?
21:47 – Treason May meets Angela Merkel in Berlin
NATO in on the discussions for EU military unification
Trump not negative to EU military unification
27:38 – Rolls Royce to sell commercial marine business for £500 million
29:56 – Digital Single Market: copyright directive voted down for now
31:04 – ScotGov argues prisoners will be prisoners…duty of care is absent
The Lord President is not amused by ScotGov
33:53 – Cressida Dick (Common Purpose) prorogues the Constitution
Police shut down by-election hustings in Lewisham - free speech in great danger
Smaller political parties are being silenced during hustings
41:43 – A secret Common Purpose in the MainStream Media
Gaming journalist reveals ‘left-wing media cabal – 400 members’
Journalism is now a cartel for the most part
44:19 – Who is creating policy in Britain today…?
Journalist fails to ask key question: ‘who created the policy…?’
Which people, what department forms a policy the UK does not need…?
49:14 – Hofschröer case: Please write, donate and visit Grandma B
Melanie Shaw to appear at Leeds Crown Court on 10 July