UK Column News - 6th July 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News, including:

START    European Commission attempts to discredit Roelie Post
4:52    Isle of Man governance & an Alex Thomson Quotation
6:31    Sir John Chilcot lacks the ‘backbone’ to challenge MPs
12:56    raw lies from King David as Chilcot Report is released
15:12    agendas at play in the prevailing Immigration policies
17:23    evil Vladimir blamed for works of such as Sutherland
21:47    Plymouth Herald stokes prejudice against Brexiteers
23:13    Border Force scandal with Olly Robbins & Theresa
25:58    disabled cancer patient smashed to floor by the TSA
27:21    Sir Julian King : safe pair of hands for the Superstate
28:19    Digital Economy Bill & Internet Connection Records
32:37    absurdist Warsaw countdown to latest NATO summit