UK Column News - 6th January 2020

Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish, and David Scott with the first UK Column News of 2020.

START – US and Iran: tension rises
US President Trump: we killed the number one terrorist
BBC Radio 4: war – we love it…!
BBC News starts army anti-recruitment campaign…?
Media coverage of assassination: no in-depth analysis of suspect’s crimes
Was this done in our interest or in the interest of Israel…?
Will the USA leave Iraq now…?
Is this action related to the stalled impeachment process…?
Iran abandons 2015 nuclear deal
Haaretz: Iranian general was losing his hold on reality
BBC: since 1953 CIA overthrow of Mossadeq, US-Iran relations have been ‘tricky’
BBC: no deep analysis of the highly important Iran-Contra affair
Recommended documentary: Terry Reed (ex-CIA) speaks out on Iran-Contra
Book recommendation: The Politics of Heroin by Alfred W. McCoy
30:48 – Brexit: silence continues on Britain’s defence relationship with the EU
NATO remains the cornerstone of ‘our’ defence policy…who is ‘our’…?
UK Column article – EU Defence Union: What is EI2…?
We are not being told the full truth on EU Defence Union…
38:14 – UK Column article: Who are you calling a ‘monkey’…?
BBC News: Perth city centre ‘It’s OK to be white’ stickers condemned
John Swinney: we must stand together to resist this unacceptable material
Police Scotland have received no complaints, will look into if it’s OK to be white
It’s OK to be white meme created to point out the ridiculousness of the left
43:45 – Boris Johnson urged to tackle drugs death crisis: UK worse than Europe
Holyrood is failing Scotland, Scots ask for help from Boris’ government
47:28 – BBC Newsbeat: I dropped out of school, now I sell £60,000 trainers