UK Column News - 6th February 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Ireland: the Common Travel Area (CTA) – media silent
02:30 – Corbyn branded EU a ‘military Frankenstein’ in footage from 2009
Why does he not speak out now…pressure from within the Labour party…?
The power of the Blairite faction in the Labour party system
05:38 – Baroness Tonge asking questions on Israeli involvement in RAF exercises
War profiteer of the month: Israel’s Elbit Systems
GCHQ now linked to Israel; British Police being trained in Israel…
Where does this allegiance to Israel come from…?
10:01 – Jens Stoltenberg NATO Secretary General visiting London next month
US President Donald Trump: So am I !!
NATO signs an agreement with Macedonia – The EU empire grows…
13:45 – Cabinet Office: now answering questions about themselves
Constitutional issues being covered by Chloe Smith MP
What is the Community of Democracies – Utopia or Newspeak…?
What is the Warsaw Declaration and the Civil Society Pillar…?
This is a parallel government forming – aiming for Agenda 2030
These organisations are hidden in plain sight – no media coverage again
26:18 – Alternative View 9.1 DVDs now available on the UK Column website
Vaxxed II – the people’s truth documentary: now in production 
27:55 – Charity Commission: Official Warning to Institute of Economic Affairs
Scottish Charity Regulator opens inquiry into the Institute for Statecraft
Why are ‘charities’ persuing a political agenda…?
World Economic Forum: mind control using sound waves…?
Antoine Jerusalem: the day coming where a scientist can control what a person sees
World Economic Forum: never elected but trust us to organise your future…
35:42 – French lawmakers approve controversial ‘anti-riot’ bill
France attempting to rewrite the constitution and suppress the right to gather
Violence coming from the ‘Black Block’ - Police stand by then attack Yellow Vests
38:10 – Labour’s Tom Watson: tech giants to be broken up…?
Break up of big tech companies will weaken the ability to spread messages
40:20 – Sarah Thornton to lead the country’s fight against modern slavery
Thornton apologises for role in one of Britain’s worst child sex trafficking scandals
Former Anti-Slavery Commissioner resigned citing government interference…
‘Independent’ Commissioner will be appraised by the Home Office
Common Purpose ‘charity’ rears its ugly head again…
43:31 – BBC Radio 4 Controller to leave: the public make their case clearly