UK Column News - 6th December 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – NATO leaders meeting – update
General Sir Nick Carter – concerned about Russia, China, Yemen, Libya & the Sahel
General Carter: our own media has an important role to play (propaganda)…
War is peace, ignorance is strength – everything in society is now ‘warfare’
What is the definition of political warfare…? Carter: this requires a ‘fusion’ approach
China is ‘a challenge’…meanwhile they build our power stations and buy our infrastructure
09:21 – Nigel Farage on Five Live: ‘new world order’ is now anti-semitic…?
Five Live’s Nicky Campbell: it’s not what you say, it’s where you say it…
Campbell has no evidence, no justification and used it purely for political effect
The anti-semitism trope has been weaponised for decades with no grounds in reality
Scotland: ex-SNP candidate still contesting seat after anti-semitism case
Neale Hanvey now standing as an independent: what was his ‘crime’…?
Hanvey’s investigator was investigated and found guilty of anti-semitism…
Criticising a government & their policies is not criticism of a people and must be allowed
19:22 – Wings over Scotland: Hanvey brought down for signing SNP Women’s Pledge
Transgender SNP activists unhappy with signing so began searching for anti-semitism
This is intentional cultural marxism designed to destroy everything good in society
The anti-semitism trope will lose any meaning and be ridiculed as thought-control
Gloating BBC discovers dangerous anti-semitism in the Shires…
Plymouth Councillor Margaret Corvid: Zionists have quashed truth about Nazi collaboration
Meet Margaret Corvid’s accuser: Zionist David Collier – who pays him…?
BBC spins a simplistic narrative to colour report in favour of Zionism
Daily Mirror 2018: King David Hotel, Jerusalem (1946) attacked by Zionists – 91 dead
Is this Mirror report anti-semitic…? Councillor Margaret Corvid is also Jewish…
Haaretz: how Benjamin Netanyahu became a holocaust revisionist – a Jewish anti-semite…?
Founder of Zionism Theodor Herzl: the wealthy Jews control the world…
Theodor Herzl (continued): in their hands lies the fate of governments and nations
The Guardian: debunking the myth that anti-Zionism is anti-semitic
Advocating Occupation: outsourcing Zionist Propaganda in the UK – mentions David Collier
Collier is connected to the Israeli government who are using him to unseat UK councillors
35:17 – COP 25 in Madrid: the EU green money scam
EU parliament has established the ‘climate emergency’…
Gabor Steingart article: the green scam – a stunning attack on the climate ‘crisis’ agenda
The climate change ‘crisis’ agenda is an upcoming worldwide financial scam
40:42 – Scottish Police Authority chair Susan Deacon resigns: system fundamentally flawed
Deacon: Police Scotland needs better separation between politics and policing
43:44 – New Scottish Bill: young people to get support from ‘trusted adult’ for gender identity
44:34 – Laurence Fox – The Distance
Comedy fail: bread rolls fly as Nish Kumar lays into diners at charity lunch
The cultural programming is not working: Kumar was escorted from the stage