UK Column News - 6th August 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Brexit: more nonsense in the MainStream Media…
Marine Management Organisation: advanced notice of changes to fishery laws
MMO: UK fishermen will still need to comply with EU law changes in 2019…
EU law becomes UK law as we Brexit (without the exit)
03:30: Treason May: opt-out for organ and tissue donation
UK Column article: No Time to Die by Doctor Mike Williams
07:51 – Syria: Twitter - Bana 2, the sequel…
The twelfth follower of Bana 2: a BBC journalist linked to BBC Media Action
12:44 – Going Underground: white helmets leader & Vanessa Beeley interviewed
Where has the £150 million of taxpayers money gone…? FOI exemption…
21 Wire article: FOIA document republished – any info on 115,000 lives saved…?
16:23 – Yemen: US allies don’t defeat al-Qaeda but pay it to go away…
Moon of Alabama 2015: Yemen - Saudis to arm ‘popular committees’ (aka al-Qaeda)
MainStream Media: this is not newsworthy…
19:32 – Iran: US will enforce sanctions against the country
Is the West trying to bankrupt Iran and force regime change…?
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: spreading fake news
25:07 – Guardian fake news: suspected Russian spy at US embassy in Moscow
Suspect is a Russian employed by the secret service…
Guardian doubles-down on the fake story…MainStream Media has no shame
28:18 – US: Russian ‘intervention’ in 2016 election still in the headlines
29:53 – Twitter suspends Black Conservative for changing NYT bigot’s tweets –
from ‘White’ to ‘Jewish’ and ‘Black’…
Political ‘correctness’ used to leverage certain angles to achieve political power
Who is Sarah Jeong…? Why is she not bound by Twitter’s rules…?
34:30 – Canada criticises Saudi Arabia…Saudi Arabia freezes trade ties…
BBC uses the opportunity to give free advertising to US Democratic party
Is the Saudi Arabian royal family under threat…?
37:18 – UK: smart cities – cities must make better use of data
No mention of data protection or data security – MSM silent again…
Taxpayers money is being diverted from essential local services
No government communication: public not told what the money is spent on
Private sector and public sector are collaborating on the smart cities agenda