UK Column News - 5th September 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Novichok II - the sequel continues…
Treason May: emergency statement on the ongoing ‘case’
Two suspects named by investigators
OPCW will not name the toxic chemical publicly…it’s a secret
Jeremy Hunt twists the truth in statement
Where are the Skripals – still hidden from view…
Novichok II: why now…?
Russia’s Lavrov sees through the west’s support for Al-Nusra terrorists
UK Column report 14.10.2014 highlights UK government links to Al-Nusra
Who is Brooks Newmark: former cabinet minister for ‘transparency’…?
19:51 – Facebook: protecting democracy…?
‘Independent’ fact-checkers being used by Facebook to filter ‘bad content’
Facebook is interfering with the US election process
22:58 – Five Eyes statement: will require ‘lawful access’ to all encrypted data
24:20 – Be fearful: the rise of the ‘far-right’
24:56 – Police: good on Novichok, still can’t track down child abusers…
Melanie Shaw: Leeds Court hearing today
27:21 – Catholic Church abuse scandal continues…Pope: no comment
Church of England’s Justin Welby: taxes must rise to tackle ‘unjust economy’
Church of England now suggesting government policy but can’t root out paedophiles
Book recommendation: Trust No One by Teresa Cooper
Who are the IPPR – The Progressive Policy Think Tank…?
IPPR deeply involved with Google…
NHS set to be offered a ‘fair share’ of data profits: think tanks taking control…?