UK Column News - 5th October 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – National Cyber Security Centre: Russian cyber attacks…
Russian GRU attacks itself…?
Treason May: Putin did it…did I tell you that Putin did it…?
Dutch and British governments coordinate blame on Russia
Treason May’s Rapid Response Mechanism in action…attribution without evidence
This is a cross-government conspiracy without a shred of evidence
MainStream Media goes bonkers on ‘Russian hacking’ - 10 articles in The Times
Times journalist ‘knows how Putin is thinking’…
British public mocks the British government narrative
08:51 – Andy Pryce, Head of Counter Disinformation & Media Development
Pryce speaks at Atlantic Council forum, October 2018: no video available…
British public not allowed to see or know Andy Pryce…?
UK Column FOI request continually ignored for ‘national security’
A secret government in operation and in plain sight
12:59 – Can we trust British intelligence services…?
David Cameron gives licence to kill…no accountability for intelligence services
No prosecution for murder of Belfast solicitor Patrick Finucane
Criminality at the heart of the British deep state
16:42 – The Skripal Files: Craig Murray – imagine if the BBC were honest…
Writer of Skripal Files, Mark Urban knows Pablo Miller…?
20:00 – Primary school teacher asks children to write LGBT love letter
Teacher: children will be more accepting at a young age
This teaching is state-funded…LGBT pride marches all over Scotland
22:21 – ACEs and their consequences can be prevented: the science of hope…
State-appointed ‘parental training’ & corrosive government subsidies to be offered
The need to ‘change social norms’…quality child care in early life
State will intervene to lessen harms and ‘prevent future risk’
The relationship to Social Credit – parents to be measured as to suitability…
ACE is US policy – Scotland follows along
Child sexual abuse used to drive more government control but is not investigated
Parents to be licenced…? Do parents have a right to have children…?
34:51 – IICSA: Beechwood special investigation: Whistleblower Melanie Shaw ignored
The lead whistleblower from Beechwood home is deliberately silenced
BBC removes all earlier articles about Beechwood featuring Melanie Shaw
IICSA: a high-level government cover up of institutionalised child abuse
HMP Styal: ‘independent’ report on conditions and care of prisoners