UK Column News - 5th Nov 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – Brexit: Treason May’s secret deal going ahead…?
Brexit deal was done before 2016 referendum: ‘The best of both worlds’
A Hotel California Brexit where we can check out but never leave…
UK Column article: Brexit: Theresa May’s CARDs are on the table
Nigel Farage knows what’s happening but no comment on EU military unification
Britain to start military recruitment of foreign nationals from the Commonwealth…
09:06 – Spotlight on HPV Vaccines event: 11 November, London
Facebook has removed event details from the organiser’s account page
Alternative View 9.1 conference: 2 December, London
10:44 – Iran: United States renews 2015 sanctions on Iran
US: ‘Swift banking system must disconnect Iran from global payments’
Iran: we will proudly break the sanctions
Maybe this is all bluster to set up a grand deal with Iran (as with North Korea)
Russia: course pursued by Washington...cause for deep disappointment
China says its lawful trade with Iran should be respected
22:53 – China: concentrate preparations for fighting a war
One China…? China wants Taiwan integrated back into China
28:19 – 21 Wire article: Getting into gold, getting out of the Euro (and Dollar)
Euro confidence is waning on the back of Brexit and the Italian situation
30:07 – US President Trump to meet President Xi and President Putin
Heads of state meeting must be a positive sign
Vladimir Putin: the need for mankind to organise...a world of dialogue
Patriotism should not be confused with exceptionalism
36:19 – US midterm elections: Republicans outpacing Democrats in early voting
37:50 – Julian Assange: day 2329 of incarceration…
Intruder tries to break in to Ecuadorian Embassy
Assange’s mother issues emotional message: Julian in immediate and critical danger
Julian Assange: tortured in the heart of London - #Unity4J
Wikileaks: an important organisation in the last ten years