UK Column News - 5th March 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column. 

START – The Beast from the East update: next...water shortages
02:03 – Treason May: house building must continue but not infrastructure
04:38 – Penny Mordaunt: Safeguarding Summit – we will bring you to justice
09:13 – British General: military must wake up to the information war 
10:55 – Peter Hitchens: Britain is frozen...attacks BBC propaganda
13:21 – MainStream Media failing to control reality
15:40 – DEMOS: mediating populism or…attacking information sources…?
19:44 – DEMOS survey: 46% of Brits ignore MainStream Media
24:32 – MainStream Media: no longer the the Lapdog
28:35 – Event announcements: AV9, Dying for Good Health, Media on Trial
30:12 – Italy: ‘populist jolt’ may lead to political paralysis…
33:57 – Guardian: Seb Coe accused of misleading inquiry into Russian doping
36:53 – The Oscars: best documentary not given to white helmets
38:12 – Syrian ‘war’ - UN itself will end up in the grave
40:00 – USA: Mueller drops ‘Russiagate’ investigation…now it’s the Arabs
41:34 – Florida shooting: how many political NGOs were ready to pounce…?