UK Column News - 5th June 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – US President Trump holds banquet on second day of state visit to UK
British king Mark Sedwill attends along with Jeremy Hunt
Treason May speaks at joint US-UK press conference
Penny Mordaunt: HMS Queen Elizabeth will fly the flag of a global Britain…
NATO is not a threat to Russia, it is a defensive alliance, transparent & consistent
NATO’s Stoltenberg: US military equipment to be pre-positioned in Poland…
Huge build-up of equipment happening in Poland for more military exercises
Ukrainian President visits NATO – preparations for war on the Eastern front…?
12:05 – Alternative View 10 DVDs now available for pre-order from UKC website
Georgia Pouliquen still in UK reporting on Macron’s assault of French yellow vests
Ms Pouliquen is warning of the danger of the militarised EU super-state
14:16 – British Army ‘indicators & warnings’: patriots are ‘extreme right-wing’
Daily Mail: Defence Secretary Mordaunt wants troops on the street…
Conservative Stasi State: public sector & Police ‘community’ spies & the military
France: calls for more troops to be put on the streets for population control…
Stoltenberg and Mogherini introduced this idea of the military & police merger
Non-lethal weapons – why introduce them except for crowd control during unrest
Cyber threat can bring down national infrastructure & undermine ‘our’ democracy
Mordaunt’s comments: where is the evidence that cyber crime has increased by 60%…?
British Army has been reduced to two divisions to allow EU Defence Unification
Mordaunt: at DFID I did a huge amount of work on drones…
Women to lead UK’s war machine…? Femininity is to be transformed
Penny Mordaunt: Priestess for Internal Security and War
The Guardian – May 2017: Europe’s defence minister roles become female stronghold
EU’s Federica Mogherini: High Priestess for War
30:16 – EU’s Michel Barnier: Brexit was a product of nostalgia…
DEMOS: at home in one’s past – nostalgia as a cultural & political force
DEMOS report financially supported by Open Society Foundation (George Soros)
DEMOS constantly goes back to its communist roots ironically with nostalgia…
32:35 – Peterborough by-election tomorrow: Brexit Party standing for election
BP: British Steel to become a national corporation (but it’s not nationalisation)
Brexit Party will still not mention EU Defence Unification…
Multi-millionaire Mike Green standing for the Brexit Party in Peterborough
36:06 – The Guardian: still not connecting all the dots…