UK Column News - 5th July 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: Labour tables motion on ‘no deal fraud’
What happens if we leave on 31 October…? Lord Howell – absolutely nothing…!
David Owen: our EU escape route exists already. Europe set it up
Civil Service and government are not telling the whole truth…
Rupert Darwall: there is a no deal option – it’s called the EEA
Michael Gove wants to take farming land and turn it back into wild meadows
The capability for the UK to produce food will be badly diminished
Genetically modified cows could cut methane emissions by half…really…?
The desperation increases to force people to believe the warming agenda
14:15 – Italy: Rome to activate ‘alternative currency’ to spark Eurozone divorce
16:10 – Rolls-Royce given £85 million contract to maintain Type 23 engines
This is EU Defence Union in disguise
18:02 – Alternative View 10 DVDs available from UK Column & 21 Wire websites
Alternative View 10.1 conference: 27 October – Kensington, London
18:32 – Gender agenda: The Battle of Mearns Academy – update
Aberdeenshire Council do not understand the Law…questions are being asked
Mearns Academy’s past Deputy Head Teacher not excluded for ‘porn names’ outrage
30:53 – Penny Mordaunt, UK Defence Secretary deals with Gender Recognition Act
The Law is being changed very rapidly without public demand
The British Psychological Society: working with gender, sexuality & relationship diversity
Meet the BPS Chair, Professor Christina Richards: who is she…?
Governor of Tavistock Foundation resigns over damning report into gender identity clinic
37:10 – Elton John holding hands with French President Macron after receiving award
Macron puts on his friendly face but French Yellow Vests have a different view…
US: Antifa thugs in Portland Oregon use exactly the same tactics as French Police
France’s ‘Benalla Affair’ - the scandal Macron can’t shake
Arab News: a grassroots antidote to populism – written by a Macron advisor
UK Column video: Georgia Pouliquen – Macron’s policies straight out of Vichy France
UK being dragged further into political integration with France & EU Military Union
UK Column article: The Global Parliament of Mayors & the Abolition of the Electorate
50:00 – Online discussion group: abuse of elderly in care whilst their homes & savings are stolen