UK Column News - 5th July 2016

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson from Eastern Approaches and David Ellis from Strategic Defence Initiatives for today's news programme, including:

START    Iraq Inquiry & Admiral West : ‘Some bastard told me to do it…’
2:32    Ellis - ‘It wasn’t about nuclear weapons. It was about currency.’
5:54    ‘a drive to connect Saddam to something we can pin him to…’
7:21    rationalisation of intelligence systems across the EU superstate
10:14    police receive internet record access in spite of data-breaches
13:01    NATO summit in Warsaw in provocative escalation context
16:17    ‘the Euro currency has failed’ – ‘currency reset’ via military
19:21    legitimate spheres of influence & the monetary Axis of Evil
21:58    agenda of ‘global monetary interests using military power’
22:23    ‘constant interference’ in the Scottish child abuse inquiry
24:01    Nicky Morgan launches a sinister ‘staying close’ scheme
28:22    ukcolumn breakdown of the establishment Abuse-rings
30:34    Mark Carney announces a grand scheme to fix Britain
34:23    the Missing Years of Oliver Letwin & New York links
38:05    ‘Parliamentary Labour Party is being ripped apart…’
40:41    Ken Loach & policy control at the time of the strikes
42:27    a one-party-State & ‘Oliver Letwin’s private fiefdom’
42:43    Nazi continuation plans & a European Book Review
45:59    ‘inflated thieving financial services’ & wild corruption
48:02    eurocrats signify disrespect whilst legal questions stand
49:57    ‘we need to elect six hundred & fifty independent MPs’
51:26    a German sovereignty movement picks up a little steam
53:48    shouts at a Minister of ‘Traitor! Traitor! Get out of here!’