UK Column News - 5th January 2018

Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

START - Treasury: what is productivity…?
03:55 – Pakistan (among others) ditching the Dollar
08:33 – Brexit: Chancellor stokes customs union confusion
10:42 – Federica Mogherini in Cuba: meets Castro
14:46 – Oxford Farming Conference: UN Agenda 21 marching on…?
     UK Column analysis with David Scott
25:34 – Ban Ki-Moon global citizenship: continuously evolving…
28:23 – Grenfell Tower: still no structural survey conducted
36:31 – State control of Irn Bru: less sugar, more Aspartame...
39:32 – Scottish Police Chief Constable subject to formal probe
40:38 – Scottish Lord Advocate and wife at centre of £9m damages claim
42:46 – Heath investigation: single ‘criminologist’ is only expert