UK Column News - 5th February 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – UN climate change conference UK 2020
Boris attends talk with David Attenborough to a group of young children
COP26 website (Glasgow) launches in purple and green
COP26 chair Claire Perry sacked – David Cameron turns down COP26 chair job
COP26 website run by the Cabinet Office…
UK to end sale of combustion–engined and hybrid cars by 2035
Where will fuel tax shortfall come from…?
France: electric car charging prices increase by 500 %…
This is an attack on personal liberty via transport
Gas-fired house boilers to be removed from properties by 2040
Total CO2 gas within Earth’s atmosphere is 0.04%
All plant life needs CO2 to survive and to produce Oxygen that we need…
Welsh village being abandoned to the sea due to ‘climate change & sea level rise’
Fairbourne village property prices have effectively dropped to nothing…
Environment Agency releases sea level projections for the UK to year 2300
Is climate modelling a useful technology when so much of it has been wrong…?
Met Office: we’re certain that we’re uncertain about accuracy of our modelling
The further one digs into the data, the less the claims have proper foundations…
What consideration is given to other scientists who say sea levels are not rising…?
22:43 – Sajid Javid writes to Treasury Select Committee: new BoE Governor
Bank of England will be front and centre in new green policies (tax collections)
25:28 – Met Police to roll out live facial recognition
Is this really about catching criminals or more about mass data collection…?
Law Society fire: what important documents and records have been destroyed…?
Law Society Chief Executive Paul Tennant: change agent and transformer…
What the public reports to the UK Column about the law
Surely if the Law Society is not doing its job ‘Spotlight on Corruption’ will…?
SoC (independent) funded by Open Society Foundations, Joseph Rowntree Trust…
Transparency International (UK) – working for the people…?
A look at the funders of Transparency International (UK) – all the usual suspects
37:48 – NATO: Exercise Defender Europe 20 underway
UK has had 10 years without protection of our nuclear assets…?
British Parachute Regiment to be incorporated into Special Forces