UK Column News - 5th December 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

Artwork by Ned.

START – Brexit: Treason May loses three votes in one day
A significant constitutional crisis…The Crown betrays its oath to the people
Snakeoil: politicians claiming they have to vote according to their conscience
The public are getting suspicious of the whole EU package
9.56 – NATO: Foreign Ministers meet in Brussels
Mogherini (EU) appears at another NATO meeting: working on Afghanistan…
EU already well down the road of federalisation
EU member states foreign policy is being suborned: EU is taking over
14:22 – INF Treaty: NATO and Russia respond
EU: expanding weapons up to the Russian border every time a new country joins
MI6 chief urges Russia: do not underestimate our capabilities
MI6 chief uses psychological projection and political language
The intelligence services are now being locked into the EU…
Security services now fusing traditional techniques with Artificial Intelligence
30:48 – International Forum on Online Courts – the cutting edge of digital reform
Artificial Intelligence to replace juries in courts…?
35:05 – USAW: William Black – Deutsche Bank crimes can cause next global crisis
Book recommendation: The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One by William Black
Deutsche Bank is a survivor of the Third Reich and doesn’t care about Germany
38:11 – Second UK Column article on Integrity Initiative: Follow the money
BBC: Russia trolls ‘spreading vaccination misinformation’ to create discord
Integrity Initiative leak looks genuine
40:16 – BBC Media Action: UK Column Emails and requests information…no reply
BBC Media Action being tasked to set the scene in Ukraine…?
42:52 – MPs reaction to public questions on EU military unification: standard reply
44:51 – Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency crowing over conviction
Has ex-Police investigator ever investigated deaths or disabilities from licensed drugs…?