UK Column News - 5th August 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – General election coming up…?
Matt Hancock: I don’t want one. I don’t think we need one
Boris already under attack…? Announces £1.8 billion for the NHS
PM ‘plots people versus politicians’ - MainStream Media showing their hand early…?
MainStream Media are not the voice of the people 
06:12 – INF Treaty: the war of words continues
08:02 – Daily Express: Iran – ‘expert’ reveals who would win in UK Vs Iran fight… 
Muck rake: who is ‘expert’ Michael Peck…?
Fake news: Express ‘quality’ journalist – who is James Bickerton…?
11:01 – Britain’s Typhoon aircraft: Rolls Royce wins contract for engine maintenance
Nobody wants to talk about the F-35 engine maintenance contract
Daily Telegraph desperation: spins Russian submarine scare story
Telegraph not reporting that UK anti-sub capability decimated by successive governments
Fake News: Hunt for Red October added into the story for scary effect
Belfast: Harland and Wolff shipyard expected to go into administration
19:36 – News Media Association complains about lack of transparency of tech giants
FairTube: campaign to get more fairness and transparency for all YouTube creators
Why do we need free press…? Israel impacts on free speech in UK…
Tower Hamlets council conveniently adopts IHRA definition just before Palestinian event
26:02 – Plenty of support at Southwark Crown Court last Friday for David Noakes
The hearing was unlawfully cancelled without notification by the court
Power of Attorney established via Common Law Court: another hearing to follow
Lyn Thyer still facing extradition to France
29:42 – Priti Patel controversy: I want criminals to feel terror at the thought of committing offences
Alternative View 10.1 conference: 27 October – Kensington, London
31:52 – Metro: has BBC been ordered to stop reporting on ‘Yellow Vest’ protests…?
Conspiracy theorists and ’low rent news outlets’ love to claim that D-Notices are used…
Why are MainStream Media outlets not reporting on so many issues…?
Metro ‘journalist’ without credibility: who is Rob Waugh…?
34:40 – US: Two shootings – why is the MSM rhetoric all about ‘white extremists’…?
Society’s problems are where we should focus attention
Disarming people never works: most gun crime happens in gun-free zones…
36:55 – IICSA Nottingham child abuse report: UK Column asks questions