UK Column News - 5th August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & David Scott, including: START Resignation of Justice Lowell Goddard after Whistleblower Interview 02:31 Dispatches from the Front : the Inquiry & its Highly Esteemed Chair 07:52 Responsibilities of May for the endemic child-abuse throughout Britain 12:31 Official statement from Dame Lowell : a useful idiot or wilful criminal? 20:56 ‘So why exactly did she have to go - if she did such an excellent job...?’ 25:47 National Security : intelligence services & the Highest-level Blackmail 29:53 A professional opponent of Abuse Victims : accuser Barbara Hewson 35:12 Named Persons & the Various Deaths of Children under this Scheme 42:34 ‘Derisive Howls of Laughter’ & the sinister ‘progress’ of totalitarianism