UK Column News - 5th April 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott and David Ellis for today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: have we left the EU yet…?
Andrew Adonis complains about number of Lords who were filibustering
Many of the Lords were making strong Constitutional points on Brexit
Donald Tusk suggests setting EU leave date back twelve months…
Closed-door meetings now the norm in a ‘democracy’…?
MPs now being held to account by members of the public – further work needed
Tory MP Johnny Mercer says party would be ‘wiped out’ at snap election
UK Column points out that Tory MPs planned ‘chaos’ - Mercer blocks UKC on Twitter
Alastair Campbell doth protest too much over traitors and treason…
Constitutional vandalism is treason – the language should be escalated
Guy Verhofstadt: everything is now European…no discussion in House of Commons
16:01 – G7 France meeting: fighting inequality
G7 Interior Ministers meeting: Sajid Javid – more internet censorship on the way…
EU military wants to expand into sub-Saharan Africa – Teflon Tony at the helm…?
This is globalist policy to destabilise Africa using the EU military
Jeremy Hunt at G7 worries about ‘democracy’ and ‘media freedom’
Amal Clooney getting in on the act – wants to prosecute Assad…
British Foreign Office worried about free speech for ‘journalists’ but not for the public
Free speech for the public under massive attack as the public see through the lies
29:11 – Ex-Medomsley Detention prison officers jailed after physically abusing boys
1676 men came forward with complaints against prison officers…
As Amazon bans vaccine documentary, child sex dolls freely sold on their website
Clubs that use them not under scrutiny, people who raise alarm subjected to scrutiny
Melanie Shaw now in Rampton without any contact from outside
This is a government cover-up
33:55 – Common Law Courts: charge against officer of the court abandoned
Evicted man stands under Common Law with successful outcome
36:45 – USA: Biden makes a video to try and apologise for his behaviour
President Trump trolls him relentlessly…memes also having an effect
Biden is a very disturbing character – similar problems as here in UK…?
41:51 – Facebook censorship: Mark Steele 5G post ‘against community standards’
Facebook quite happy to have death threats on their platform…
Zuckerberg in Dublin for closed door meetings with the Irish Parliament:
What was discussed at these secret meetings…?
The Irish people are beginning to notice an elite take over of Ireland
46:04 – UK Column article April 2008: warning about journalistic narrative control
The MainStream Media does not work for the people