UK Column News - 5th April 2016

UK Column News Guest Presenter Today Coming From Inside The Belly Of The Beast - From The NETHERLANDS Live By Skype Is ALEX THOMSON Of Eastern Approaches With News And Reports And Discusses Hot Topics Aired Today Such As The Foreign Office And Their Box Ticking Exercise On Human Rights, Attack On Parents Through Their Children, Attack On Children's Minds, PANAMA Papers - Nothing New - Shell Game Cover And How The Story Is Being Covered A Pretence, The BLAIR Project And Corruption The Pointing Of Diversionary Fingers, Encircling RUSSIA, IRA Have Not Gone Away You Know!, And Dysfunctional BRUSSELS.

UK COLUMN NEWS YouTube Published 5th April 2016.

'WWW.PARLIAMENT.UK 5th April 2016: Commons Select Committee: Foreign Office Needs To Raise The Profile Of Human Rights. The Foreign Affairs Committee Report Says That There Is Clear Perception That The Human Rights Work Of The Foreign And Commonwealth Office Has Been Deprioritised. (Link Follows Below)…/human-rights-report-published-1…/ .'
'GOV.UK Press Release 5th April 2016: PHILIP HAMMOND Foreign Secretary: Foreign Secretary Comments On The Foreign Affairs Committee Report On Human Rights : "I Do Not Recognise This Characterisation Of Our Human Rights Work. Improving Human Rights Is A Care Function Of The Foreign Office And Is The Responsibility Of Every BRITISH Diplomat Around The World." (Link Follows)…/foreign-secretary-comments-on-the-fore…
'THE GUARDIAN 5th April 2016: IAIN DUNCAN SMITH 'Wept About Plight Of Single Mother' In TV Interview (Crocodile Tears? He Continued With His Attack On The Weak And Vulnerable - Video Embedded Link Follows Below)…/iain-duncan-smith-wept-tv-inte… .'
'WWW.BBC.CO.UK/MEDIA CENTRE April 2016: Workers Or
Shirkers? IAN HISLOP's Victorian Benefits (To Be Screened On BBC2 Thursday 7 April 8.00pm-9.00pm Link Follows Below)…/…/2016/14/workers-or-shirkers .'
'UK COLUMN NEWS 5th April 2016: GHuman Rights DAVID CAMERON Style. LEONARDO EDWARDS And LOLANDA MENINO Have Their 5 Day Old Baby Kidnapped By SOUTHAMPTON Social Services (Article And Embedded Video Link Follows Below) .'
'MAIL ONLINE 4th April 2016: Teachers Call For 'Gender - Neutral' Toilets, Changing Rooms And Uniforms So Transgender Pupils Feel More Comfortable (Link Follows Below)…/Teachers-call-gender-neutral-t… .'
'THE GUARDIAN 1st April 2016: NICOLA STURGEON Pledges Gender Recognition Law Reform For Trans People (Link Follows)…/nicola-sturgeon-gender-recogni… .'
'NOS (OP3) 3rd April 2016: WAT JE MOET WETEN OVER DE PANAMA Papers (Link Follows)…/2097052-wat-je-moet-weten-over-de-panama-pa… .'
'NOS (OP3) (Above Article Translation) 3rd April 2016: What You Should Know About The PANAMA Papers (Link Follows Below)… .'
'KYIV POST 5th April 2016: OCCRP (The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting) How Family That Runs AZERBAIJAN Built An Empire Of Hidden Wealth (Link Follows)…/occrp-how-family-that-runs-azerba… .'
'BBC iPLAYER BBCONE 4th April 2016: PANORAMA Tax Havens Of The Rich And Powerful Exposed (First Shown 7:30pm 4th April 2016 - Link Follows Below)…/panorama-tax-havens-of-the-rich-and-… .'
'CRAIG MURRAY 4th April 2016: Disgraceful BBC PANORAMA Propaganda Hides Grim Truth About BRITAIN (Link Follows Below)…/disgraceful-bbc-panorama-…/ .'
'GOV.UK DAVID CAMERON SINGAPORE, 28th & 29th July 2015: Tackling Corruption: PM Speech In Singapore"...When It Comes To Tackling Corruption, The International Community Has Locked The Other Way For Too Long. We Simply Cannot Afford To Side-Step This Issue Or Make Excuses For Corruption Any More. We Need To Step Up And Tackle It." (Link Follows Below)…/tackling-corruption-pm-speech-in-singa… .'
'MY INFORMS.COM 5th April 2016: UK PM CAMERON's Spokeswoman Says Family Investments Are "PRIVATE MEMBER." (Link Follows)…/29349506-uk-pm-camerons-spokeswoman…/ .'
'HM GOVERNMENT December 2014: UK Anti-Corruption Plan (1/60 pdf Link Follows Below)…/a…/file/388894/UKantiCorruptionPlan.pdf .'
(Link Follows) .'
'THE TELEGRAPH 4th December 2011: 'Dismissed' Partner Accuses ERNST & YOUNG Of Corruption (Link Follows Below)…/Dismissed-partner-accuses-Erns… .'
'REUTERS 25th May 2015: Pension Adviser Says ERNST & YOUNG Was Aware Of WAL-MART MEXICO Bribery Allegations (Link Follows)…/ernst-young-corruption-wal-mart-st… .'
'MEDIA GUIDO 4th April 2016: Media Organisations Using Offshore Havens (Link Follows)…/media-organisations-using-offshor…/ .'
'POLITICS HOME 4th April 2016: CAMERON Urged To Take ‘Real Action’ On Tax Havens Following (Managed) Leak. (Link Follows)…/cameron-urged-take-%E2%80%98… .'
'ICIJ International Consortium Of Investigative Journalists) 13th February 2016: OUR SUPPORTERS | Who We Work With (Includes Gorge Soros's Open Society - Link Follows Below) .'
'INDEPENDENT 4th April 2016: PANAMA Papers: DAVID CAMERON's Father 'Ran Offshore Fund That Paid ZERO UK TAX For 30 Years'. IAN CAMERON Was One Of Five UK-Based Directors Of BLAIRMORE Until Shortly Before His Death In 2010 (Link Follows)…/david-cameron-father-ian-cam… .'
'KATEHON.COM 3rd April 2016: New ARMENIAN - AZERBAIJANI War: CUI BONO? (Link Follows)…/new-armenian-azerbaijani-war-cui-bono .'
'FORT RUSS: Encirclement Of RUSSIA: The War For NGORNO-KARABAKH Between ARMENIA And AZERBAIJAN (Link Follows)…/encirclement-of-russia-war-for-n… .'
'THE WALL STREET JOURNAL 20th March 2016: U.S. Set To Deploy Troops To PHILIPPINES In Rebalancing Act (Link Follows)…/u-s-set-to-deploy-troops-to-philippine… .'
7th May 2016 STATE OF A NATION
Speakers Ian R Crane, Thomas Sheridan, Patrick Henningsen, Max Igan, Dr Graham Downing, Willem Felderhof, Field McConnell, Vanessa Beeley, Michael Shrimpton And Fiona Burns.
13th-15th May 2016 HORWOOD HOUSE,
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BOOK: BROKEN VOWS - Tony Blair The Tragedy Of Power.
Little Mercy Is Shown in This Critical Biography Of The Former British PM (Blair) Who Took The UK Into An Illegal War With IRAQ.
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'THE STRAITS TIMES (ASIA) 3rd April 2016: JAPANESE Submarine, Warships Dock At PHILIPPINE Port Near Disputed South CHINA SEA Waters (Link Follows Below)…/japanese-warships-dock-at-phi… .'
'CCTV.COM 5th April 2016: US. PHILIPPINES's Annual Drill Begins Today, To Last Until 15th (Link Follows Below)…/… .'
'UK COLUMN ONLINE 14th February 2011: The FRANCO BRITISH Council Plan To Destroy BRITAIN's Military Capability (Link Follows Below)…/franco-british-council-plan-destr… .'
'UK COLUMN NEWS 5th April 2016: Why Is LEAVE Scared Of Discussion About The EU's Subversive Take-Over Of BRITAIN's Military?.'
'BUCKS FREE PRESS 19th January 2016: PICTURES: MP STEVE BAKER Brings Anti-EU Campaign To HIGH WYCOMBE (Link Follows)…/14215337.PICTURES__MP_St…/ .'
'THE TELEGRAPH 15th September 2008: The Collapse Of LEHMAN BROTHERS (Link Follows Below)…/The-collapse-of-Lehman-Brother… '
'BELFAST TELEGRAPH 4th April 2016: Memorial To Victims Of IRA Bombing Daubed With Paint (Link Follows Below)…/memorial-to-victims-of-… .'
'THE SPECTATOR: No, SIMON SCHAMA, People Worried About Gang Rape And FGM Aren't 'Obsessed With Sex' (Link Follows)…/no-simon-schama-people-worr…/ .'
'DS (De Standaard) 30th March 2016: 'IK ZOU DE VLAMINGEN BELEDIGEN? ONZIN' (Link Follows Below) .'
'DS (The Standard Article Above Translation) 30th March 2016: "I Would Insult The Flemings? Nonsense' (Link Follows)… .'