UK Column News - 4th September 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Boris loses vote in Parliament
The clown show in the House continues – general election ahead…?
Deal or No Deal – that is the question
Dollar rate versus the Pound is in a good place for bi-lateral trade deal with US
Economic down turn in the EU coming…?
What are Labour’s chances if a general election happens…?
21 rebel Conservatives who voted against the government will have whip withdrawn
Hillary Benn’s ‘surrender’ bill: has to pass House of Commons and House of Lords
House of Lords has already requested 102 amendments to the bill…
Brexit: next steps
Scotland loses court attempt to stop prorogation of Parliament
21:18 – GcMAF Awareness day: 11:11am on 11 September outside Parliament
Ian R Crane: 5G tour starts 9 September in Bristol
22:16 – Roger Waters ‘serenades’ Home Secretary – calls for release of Julian Assange
Roger Waters and John Pilger get together in aid of Assange
21 Wire publishes videos of the event and the speakers
25:56 – Media: how young people consume news and the implications for MSM
MainStream Media not able to capture the minds of young people…?
Defamation: Jewish Chronicle forced to apologise and pay compensation to Interpal
31:54 – History of the BBC: the secret war – a range of top secret activities
In the age of disinformation and fake news, is the BBC any different today…?
BBC: high-level hypocrisy and propaganda when the stakes are high
37:11 – NATO: exercise Northern Coasts begins
38:21 – Hong Kong’s leader announces withdrawal of extradition bill
Are the protests a grass roots movement…who is really stirring up Hong Kong…?