UK Column News - 4th September 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – EU military unification…Brexit without the exit
Meet #TeamJunkerEU’s private army
Veterans for Britain picking up on the EU takeover of British military
05:08 – Syria: Donald Trump tweets concern over Idlib
BBC: Syria war – why does the battle for Idlib matter…?
BBC propaganda: ‘terrorists’ become ‘rebels’ to undermine Assad & Russia
BBC article written by anonymous author again…
The fact is that 2.9 million Syrians are ruled over by terrorists
West kills terrorists = good, Syria and Russia kills terrorists = bad…
BBC propaganda – Animal Farm style
Cameron: moral duty for UK to attack terrorists in Syria (but not Syria or Russia)
BBC fails to report that the west has provided the terrorists with weapons…
The public are seeing through the BBC propaganda
17:08 – Ian R Crane: West Midlands to become testbed for 5G trial
Why is government so keen to roll out this technology…?
19:50 – Modern slavery: UK Aid to eradicate the problem…
Human trafficking annual profit: £130 billion – government aid: £150 million
22:30 – Libya had highest Human Development Index in Africa before NATO’s ‘intervention’
24:04 – BBC creates a storm in the anti-semitism teacup
BBC conflates anti-semitism with anti-zionism
Lord ‘cashpoint’ Levy: criticism of Israel permitted only when we say so…
Many Jewish people are anti-zionist
Lord Cashpoint & Teflon Tony (Blair) involved in trying to split the Labour party…?
UK Column has been warning of Britain being linked up with Israel without debate
31:25 – Child sexual exploitation online: Sajid Javid shocked by scale of problem…
Suddenly, Google has a press release on the problem ready to go
All information uploaded now will be scanned…for what…? For the Police State
John Wedger’s info on Met Police child abuse cover-up was completely ignored…
BBC Reality Check: a good opportunity to highlight Melanie Shaw’s abuse case
41:27 – Devonport’s HMS Beagle project crushed in Plymouth, now built in Chile