UK Column News - 4th November 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit Party are keen for an alliance with Boris and the Tories
Farage: Boris’ new EU treaty stops us striking a trade deal with America
US President Trump: US can do much more business (with UK) than the EU does
Jacob Rees-Mogg: Farage should retire, his job is done
US politicians not keen on a future Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn
Has Article 50 become a moving target…?
Seven candidates standing for Speaker of the House selection
12:13 – UK Parliament Week 2019 begins
Citizen’s Assembly for Zero Emissions – a capitulation to Extinction Rebellion
Will the solar effects on climate change be discussed…?
The Hegelian Dialectic in operation: problem, reaction, solution…
Climate campaigns backed by banks and multi-million pound PR and marketing
CAZE will be run like the EU – limited info provided, votes taken, relief all round…
This is a public pressure-relief valve with enormous cost and limited effect
Has fracking now been banned in the UK…?
22:03 – US President Trump on Syria: take the oil (take it or guard it…?)
27:31 – Arab Winter…? Iraqi protesters attack Iranian consulate in Karbala, Iraq
Who is fomenting these protesters…who is behind the protests…?
No discussion in MainStream Media of the reasons behind Iraqi instability…
Lebanon’s president calls for new government of technocrats (translation: bankers)
Lebanon protesters angry with Hezbollah: Shia are being treated like traitors
Watch the Lebanese government formation over the next few weeks and months
36:01 – Alex:G of Edge Media and Doomwatch passed away on 20 October
Alex’s funeral will be held in Peterborough on 12 November at 11:30am