UK Column News - 4th May 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START – Another day in lock up: CoronaVirus statistics update
CoronaVirus international vaccine pledging conference begins today
Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is taking part…
Michael Gove: lockdown cannot end until people are vaccinated
Delusional: only a vaccine can save us…?
UK Column article: who controls the British government response to COVID-19…?
UK government secret plan to transform government, civil service & takeover businesses
Doctor’s surgeries to be nationalised…society to be reinvented…?
Expanding AI is key: many public sector and civil service jobs are to go 
Scotland has been the testing ground…now everyone is going to share it
A communist future: government to hold partial ownership in everything
Easing lockdown: scaling up our (CV) testing programmes
Population surveillance: ‘essential to understand the rate of infection…’
Contact tracing App offered to Isle of Wight residents as test bed
Bill Gates: when Bill met Teflon Tony, seeds of a grandiose scheme were sown
Is NHS data being harvested by Israel…?
HM government: the more we follow the rules, the sooner we’ll be reunited…
The Fusion Doctrine: 20,000 British military now heavily involved in CoronaVirus
All of this is being done with no accountability or oversight
Also, complete silence from MainStream Media on these matters
27:22 – Alternative View 11 livestream tickets available via UK Column website
Economy and finance: money printing levelling off…? $6.66 trillion is the number
The Hill: big banks are growing due to CoronaVirus – that’s an ominous sign
US ‘Federal Reserve’ now propping up the markets but not helping the real economy
Eurozone manufacturing has fallen further than ever before
Worldwide energy demand has fallen sharply since CoronaVirus scare
House prices to crash next…?
38:34 – Ask Your Question: you could have it answered at the next CV press conference
BBC: new ‘stirring up’ hate crime legislation put forward – ‘hate’ not defined
Spiked: the SNP’s war on free speech
National Review: Scotland swaps one blasphemy law for another
People never to be allowed to speak their mind again…
44:52 – The memory hole: Wayback Machine under intensive threat 
46:34 – The Health Protection (CoronaVirus, Restrictions) (England) regulations 2020
CV crisis being used for many other purposes behind the scenes and out of public view
50:00 – Sarah Vine (Michael Gove’s wife) Tweets photo of one of David Irving’s books
Daddy, what did YOU do when the state took all our freedom and rights away…?