UK Column News - 4th March 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News update.

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START – Skripal ‘poisoning’ first anniversary – chemical defences deployed
Just a coincidence: Mail Online – The Novichok Files…
Another coincidence: Irish Department of Health evacuated - ‘hazardous materials’
Treason May: today is an important milestone for Salisbury
Russian response a year ago: Skripal affair ‘a grotesque provocation crudely staged...’
Dmitry Peskov: London will have to offer its apologies to the Russian side
Sergei Skripal’s MI6 handler (Pablo Miller) hidden from the public by press D-Notice
Too many unanswered questions, divergence and deflection with this story
Fake news stories always need plenty of reinforcement to survive
Britain’s Chief Medical Officer on Novichok: clean yourselves with baby wipes…
9:01 – Skripal event and the 9/11 event: many similarities
The Fusion Doctrine: building a culture of common purpose…
G7 leaders agreed to establish a Rapid Response Mechanism to ‘attribute blame’
UKC article – Beyond Integrity Initiative: The Scale of UKGOV Counter Disinformation
UK government vastly increases the MainStream Media propaganda machine
The same is happening in the USA with ‘Russiagate’
Russian Ambassador to London to be removed from Britain as a ‘Soviet agent’…?
Why did the British authorities allow the ambassador a Diplomatic Visa…?
The usual suspects: Malcolm Rifkind & others ramp up the propaganda further
23:40 – Jeremy Corbyn tweets: UK government must…freeze arms sales to Israel
Israel doubles-down on violence and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians
Corbyn physically assaulted in public after human rights Twitter message
27:12 – Syria: Douma chemical weapons report released by OPCW
Main report takeaways: OPCW has not assigned blame…no trace of Sarin
The white helmets fake hospital scene – ends up being used to justifying air strikes…
MainStream Media pumped out the fake propaganda at the time of the ‘attack’
The ‘Experts’: more chemical attacks like Douma if we fail to punish Assad…
OPCW evidence: hospital scene staged, casualties faked, Sarin claims were a lie
Treason May’s PM statement 16.04.18: a pack of lies and suppositions…followed by:
The MainStream Media defamation campaign against independent journalists
47:55 – UK Column articles:
EU: Military Union is Budgetary Union
Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems: Going Cheap
Brexit: The Constitutional Position