UK Column News - 4th June 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Sajid Javid getting more dictatorial and soviet by the minute
Javid conflates ISIS with right-wing ‘extremists’…
MI5 to start sharing information on the public
National Security Capability Review: The Fusion Doctrine
No mention of left-wing extremist danger
10:50 – Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters speaks out
11:40 – Italy forms working coalition government – what next…?
Banking instability could be used to damage Italians faith in new government
14:32 – Brexit: Britain hints at staying in European VAT area after Brexit…
Brexit (without the exit)
16:52 – DEMOS: At home in one’s past – the destruction of tradition
Alienated public to be bludgeoned into acceptance
Soros’ Open Society Foundation at work again undermining democracy
23:35 – Being Russian is enough to be targeted by the UK government
Rothschild to help sanctioned Russian billionaire Deripaska…
25:48 – James Clapper: some thoughts on Donald Trump
Countries where the US has invaded or destabilised domestic politics (so far)
London ‘bridges’ falling down: curious origins of FBI’s Trump-Russia probe
21st Century Wire article: Spooks spooking themselves…
33:20 – We must hate Russia: Russia killing stray dogs…?
Nothing more said about the homeless of Windsor…
35:28 – More Russia bashing: How does the Kremlin wage war…?
Reality inverted 180 degrees again…
40:19 – Israel urges Europe to tear up Iran nuclear deal by sharing secrets…
42:01 – Stoltenberg: NATO not obliged to come to rescue of Israel
Israel: trying to lay the blame for Middle East wars on Iran
43:51 – Iraq: Baghdad denies that US is setting up a base at Iraq-Syria border
Iraqi PMUs helping to eliminate ISIS and other terrorist groups from Iraq
Syrian government seeks to recapture southwest of the country
NATO plans to stay in Iraq…