UK Column News - 4th July 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update, including:

START    Don of Cambridge strips naked to protest Brexit
1:36    Nigel Farage deserts his post at the critical hour
4:29    transnationalists feast with their loyal servants
6:14    non-verbal language exhibited by politicians
7:21    Brexit questions for Ministers in Parliament
9:12    government of deception by Oliver Letwin
10:23    article revealed after Telegraph withdrawal
12:38    our traitor-Queen Elizabeth shirks her duties
15:07    NATO enhanced forward presence escalation
18:32    bilateral integration continues apace with France
19:53    the systematic breakdown of British infrastructure
22:59    Mandie Campbell responsible for thousands missing
25:24    vulnerable trafficked in grim National Transfer Scheme
29:58    scores of refugee children lost inside the United Kingdom
31:45    the Dochertys are living proof of what our nation is in truth
36:12    Labour walkouts a distraction from Salmond attacks on Blair
37:21    protection for Blair from corrupt International Criminal Court
39:54    expansionist Open Spaces Bill from City of London Corporation