UK Column News - 4th January 2017

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's news update from the UK Column including:

START – Theresa May: unlocking £330 million from dormant bank accounts
03:52 – NHS: ‘Health tourism scandal’ costing £16 million…
08:11 – BBC: sniggering at the possibility of war with Iran and North Korea
20:04 – Iranian shot by a non-native: told to say ‘Police shot him’…
22:24 – GCHQ: target activists in Iran, covert agents infiltrate the internet
26:41 – Foreign Office: Please look at our headquarters (Persia highlighted...)
29:18 – More UK aid announced (to support British foreign policy)
31:40 – Global Britain: TPP is dead...or is it…?
34:49 – Eurasia builds its infrastructure
36:24 – Soros: sustaining Ukraine’s ‘breakthrough’
38:38 – Trump hysteria continues in the MainStream Media...still no evidence
42:10 – Meltdown: Intel computer processors exposing privacy to hacking…?