UK Column News - 4th February 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

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START – INF Treaty: US withdraws
New arms race or treaty rewrite coming…?
US President Trump is dealing with rival factions within the USA
Trump seeing a multipolar world order in the future…?
Russian perspective: no evidence to support unfounded accusations
Aegis Ashore is an outright violation of the Treaty
Politico magazine: US and Russia are sleepwalking toward nuclear disaster
13:05 – Venezuela: UK recognises opposition leader Guaido as interim president
We have heard this rhetoric before…
Guaido has been groomed by the US government for this position for years
Italy goes off script: vetoes recognition of Guaido in Venezuela
18:53 – Marco Rubio: John McCain’s heir apparent encourages regime change
Rubio boasts of 2000 Venezuelan Twitter accounts taken down…
Who made the decision on which accounts to close…?
23:48 – Mail Online: a disgraceful article about Venezuela surfaces
Article designed to get the general public behind intervention in Venezuela
Early in Libyan war, MSM were stating that Libyan troops were raping women
Recent fake news: Syrian women committing suicide to avoid rape by Syrian army
29:23 – USA: Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) stands as 2020 Presidential candidate
MainStream Media immediately starts a negative ‘Russian influenced’ campaign…
21 Wire article: Democratic party operatives caught creating ‘Russian Bot’ farms
Twitter suspends anti-Kamala Harris accounts for truth…?
Media giants are openly controlling political viewpoints in our ‘democracies’
Alternative View 9.1 DVDs now available on UK Column website
38:12 – Tony Gosling’s BCfm politics radio show now under investigation
The power of the Israel lobby at work – free speech…? No criticism allowed…
Universities: new guide on freedom of expression – regulations increase alarmingly
44:06 – Home Office ‘spying on asylum seekers by tracking debit card use’
All of our movements and purchases are being tracked in the same way
Are we happy with that…?