UK Column News - 4th December 2019

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – NATO leaders meeting begins today in Watford 
Many European countries want to tax Google, Facebook and Twitter
Presidents Trump and Macron agree that we should all get along with Russia
President Nauseda of Lithuania: NATO must not trust Russia
EU now views their southern border as Niger in Africa…
Still silence from all political parties and MSM on EU defence union
13:08 – Defend Truth: Labour’s new leader is a threat to our national security
How UK military & intelligence establishment is working to stop Jeremy Corbyn
15:12 – Fish: The Fishmongers’ Company – another website goes offline…?
Wayback Machine also has no info on this website…
Who was responsible for security at the conference where ‘terrorist’ attended…?
Cambridge University raised money to supply ‘terrorist’ with a laptop
Learning Together as they experiment on the public
What have Learning Together really been doing and why…?
How did the ‘terrorist’ get into conference carrying two knives and a suicide vest…?
Cambridge University now using criminals for experimental criminology
UK Column flow chart shows multiple connections…
Still many more unanswered questions remain on the London Bridge attack
26:55 – Article 19: Global Expression Report 2018/2019
Social media companies are creating a downward trend in people’s rights
US hoax impeachment – naming the whistleblower gets immediate social media ban
There is no law against naming a whistleblower…
Politics and social media has now become a revolving door
Nick Clegg with Facebook, David Cameron invited to wedding of Google executive
31:20 – BBC Panorama: how to brainwash a million people
How to brainwash a million people – Chinese or BBC style…?
UK Column: BBC Media Action – subversion from Broadcasting House to Kazakhstan
Foreign & Commonwealth Office invoices paid to Common Purpose
Many invoices have redactions even though public money was spent
FCO International Leaders Program: quasi-secret individuals trained with public money…?
Cui Bono: who are these graduates – who are they really working for…?
Even their country of origin will not know they were trained by FCO
37:28 – The National Health Federation: fighting to free the innocent Lyn Thyer
Good news: it looks like Lyn Thyer will be freed but may still have to face trial
Election 2019: leaflets through the door only addressed to the lady of the house…?