UK Column News - 4th December 2017

00:26 – Is the UK Foreign Office financing Syrian terror with taxpayer funds…?
05:30 – BBC and MainStream Media in a tailspin...the removal of free speech
08:55 – Aid funding – where does all the money go…? Obfuscation and secrecy
14:45 – BBC: investigation after seven years...war crimes monitoring kept secret
16:10 – BBC Panorama tonight: who is Adam Smith International…?
18:16 – 21st Century Wire: Vanessa Beeley article on possible media whitewash
22:52 – The Kosovo the terrorism template being exposed…?
24:48 – Geneva Press Club loses government funding: another attack on free speech
26:51 – Claims of ‘800,000 secret documents about Assad’s war crimes...’
30:12 – Brexit: Northern Ireland border an excuse for ‘customs partnership’
32:26 – Tony Blair confirms he is trying to reverse Brexit…
33:42 – Africa: Macron visits Ghana, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast
34:20 – President of Ghana speaks out...Macron and Western media disinterested
40:00 – Macron working for International banking and the Jewish lobby
40:45 – Cities agenda: Global Covenant of Mayors for climate and energy
45:55 – European Commission at the heart: UKC analysis with Mark Anderson
49:22 – USA: attack on Michael Flynn continues…along with Russiagate
54:14 – CIA directorship up for grabs…who chooses…? Who is Tom Cotton...?