UK Column News - 4th August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & Mark Anderson, including: START Beavers Again… Seriously : Global Warming is Caused by Beavers! 04:51 ‘Faragists’ - & the War raging within UKIP post Brexit-Referendum 07:49 Presidential Candidate of US Constitution Party is pro ‘Rule of Law’ 12:37 Electronic Electoral Fraud & ‘The Truth Hound’ of Mark Anderson 20:43 Hillary Clinton pretends to be Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership 24:56 New York Times works in tandem with ISIS to spin terrorist threats 29:47 ‘Who created international terrorism?’ - UK Column tours the links 32:58 Rapid Expansion of the British Secret Police with latest Knife-attack 39:42 Missing children & the ‘Dissappeared’ Asylum Seekers inside Britain 42:31 Boys Town, Franklin & John DeCamp - Minors & refugee violations 43:02 “…the one thing we haven’t tried (is to just) mind our own business.” 46:37 Cornwall Council could keep its Brussels office to protect its funding 47:26 Industrial Transhumanism: sinister giant-robot dehumanises Miners 51:47 UNESCO – Agenda 21 – Depopulation – Social Engineering – Lies