UK Column News - 3rd September 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – The drive to war…
Somalia’s capital Mogadishu hit by huge explosion
City of London moves into Africa
EU Navy now working out of Somalia
05:24 – Syria: Russia masses warships ahead of final assault on Idlib
Is the west concerned that their tame terrorists are to be targeted…?
Western propaganda doesn’t agree with removing terrorists…
Syrians are busy rebuilding their terrorist-free nation
09:50 – Yemen: bus bombing of children – Saudis finally express regret
11:18 – Daily Propaganda: Britain deploys 440 more troops to Afghanistan
Who is Minister for War Gavin Williamson…?
Britain under control since 1948 to ‘integrate’ into Europe...
Brexit – except where we work together and don’t mention EU military integration
EU takes control of British nuclear deterrent via Franco-British Pact…
British troops have been rebranded as EU troops – our sovereignty will be lost
Bosnia & Herzegovina being used to cement public support for EU military…?
26:46 - MI5 head Andrew Parker summons Jeremy Corbyn for talk on terror…
The public sees through the propaganda
The shadow, hidden (deep state) government is now showing itself openly
31:32 – Andy Price: head of ‘Counter Disinformation and Media Development’
UK Column Freedom of Information request fobbed off time and again…
35:17 – Matt Hancock: very worried about media ‘disinformation’
Hancock: if an individual published online, it would be untouched by media regulation
Cairncross Review launched to ‘safeguard the future of our free & independent press’
Dame Cairncross is visiting EU countries to explore threats…
BBC pushes the really important news to the public
Novichok case Police cars dumped in Cotswold landfill…
42:00 – Fracking: Ian R Crane requests retweet of survey
42:49 – Sajid Javid: new mission to tackle child abuse…why now…?
45:14 – More Carnage…Bank of England to retain Mark Carney…?