UK Column News - 3rd September 2015

Beechwood child abuse whistleblower Melanie Shaw faces eviction, Drowned Syrian toddler media screen for calculated massive migration misery in Europe and beyond, Baroness Warsi only wants the immigrant children shame about the parents, Cat out of the bag as Petraeus admits Al Qaeda can simply be used to fight ISIS, NATO opens six Eastern European Headquarters as West rings Russia with weapons, Never mind West started war in Syria Putin's to blame as US imposes sanctions, Chinese navy cruises off Alaska coast causing US shivers, IMF propaganda and bluster as Chinese economy ignores west, CORAM child photo causes UKColumn viewers deep concern, As political charity Common Purpose leads CORAM Children England imposes UN child manifesto, Boy 14 sex texts and is criminalised, BBC nudges for new authority to regulate social media crime, Telegraph removes veil to show charity amalgamation and control to further Big Society, Matthew Patten Mayor's Fund London uses demise Kid's Company to attack charity sector