UK Column News - 3rd July 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – European Commission chooses new ‘leaders’
Christine Lagarde one of the chosen ones…
Britain: under the control of the EU system and the control is increasing
06:56 – NATO in the Black Sea: the Russians are coming (again)
HMS Albion Task Group exercising off the coast of Denmark
Exercises are very close to Russia and are designed to provoke them
Cornwall Live: Royal Navy and German Navy sign twinning deal…
Brexit…? No – European Military Unification will prevent that
Germany and Netherlands to digitally integrate their armed forces…
Top US Navy engineer says the US Navy fleet is rusting
Royal Navy Falklands flagship to be sold for scrap and turned into motorbikes
India has benefitted from ownership of this flagship for many years since disposal
Lockheed F-35 sales slowly tying up all of European Air Forces
19:29 – Syria: summit with Turkey (among others) at the G20…?
Russia’s Zakharova: no contribution to normalisation of Syria – threat of destabilisation
Israeli air strikes on Damascus continue…
Terrorists in Syria still using hospitals, schools, military posts for cover from strikes
Libya: airstrike hits migrant detention centre – kills at least 40
Jeremy Hunt: more appalling hypocrisy on attacks
European Air Forces General: time to rethink the way troops train with US allies
Europe continues to want military control of Africa…
26:40 – Alternative View 10 DVDs available from UK Column & 21 Wire websites
Alternative View 10.1 conference: 27 October – Kensington, London
27:44 – Foreign & Commonwealth Office: journalism is not a crime
FCO: vital to hold governments to account; a free press supports a free society…
UK Column article: Censored (Online Harms White Paper)
Reality: anyone wanting to counter the government line will be shut down
29:58 – UK Column article: The Battle of Mearns Academy (the gender agenda)
Pupils asking the wrong questions at school will be banned from education…
31:42 – Serious Fraud Office: Serco and G4S tagging charge case update
35:16 – Devon Live: what’s so special about Rose West…?
Melanie Shaw: no care or special treatment here…